When my husband of 16 years told me he had been having an affair, my world was torn apart. We had been together for 20 years and have two little boys together.

I met Lauren at my lowest point. As a newly single mother with a busy job to hold down, I was experiencing every emotion possible. Lauren explained to me that what I was feeling was normal, from shock to guilt and that emotional setbacks were also normal. I was particularly consumed with guilt and Lauren helped me deal with this.

My sessions with Lauren also helped me to think about my life beyond my marriage. Lauren helped me to think about the kind of things I want to do and then make them achievable by breaking them down into manageable milestones. Since my sessions with Lauren, I have run a half marathon, cut down my own Christmas tree and watched fireworks on the beach. I’ve also discovered that my children are way more resilient than I could have imagined and if anything, this has strengthened the bond I have with them both.

I met my husband when I was 19, we got together when I was 21, he was all I knew. It’s still early days since our split, but Lauren has helped me think about when the time is right, what things will be important to me to look for in a future partner.

I cannot recommend Lauren enough to help you navigate this incredibly difficult time in your life. Things do get easier.

Lisa, Guildford